Jianguo Holiday Jade Market and Flower Market, Taipei

The Jianguo Holiday Jade Market is only open on weekends (Saturday, Sunday), so it is important to schedule it in if its on your Taipei wishlist of places to visit. 

It is walkable from Da'an Park area (maybe 5 to 10 minutes) and during the muggy, hot summer days provides a wonderful reprieve from sticky heat as it is all under shaded canopies and there is A/C. At least for the stones / gemstone jewelry, the quality and authenticity is guaranteed for many vendors (there are signs indicating this). 

The Jade market is huge - full of vendors offering beautiful items from jewelry, religious artifacts, handcrafted pouches to store jewelry, Chinese calligraphy related items, etc. It is a perfect place to find a gift to bring back from your travels. 

See the vibrant colors of these beaded necklaces and bracelets? Gorgeous, right? We actually purchased many items from this booth and friendly vendor. His items are  beautiful. See below; what do you think? 

We spent more than we had planned but came away with some beautiful, substantial items that will remind us of our time in Taiwan. So special! Plus, several have Buddhist significance with the total number and division of the beads so we are happy with the spiritual element as well. 

There is also a weekend flower market, the Jianguo Holiday Flower Market. The area in that covered plaza is refreshing (a wonderful reprieve from city air), and the path is filled with greenery from bonsai to orchids and other beautiful plants, wood carved crafts, and garden related items. 

Check out that bonsai! Wish we could bring that lovely plant back home! ❤️

Photos by r + j at Quirky Wanderlust 


muimui Nu said…
Can you please tell me the name of the color red Beads you got in Taipei..... I was there but I didn't buy and I regretted it so much...