Quirky Wanderlust: Kid-Approved Travel Toys

Traveling with child can be a challenge, let alone boarding a plane for over 12 hours plus to make it to a international destination.

Last year when we traveled abroad on a jet plane with the little ones in tow (ages 3 & 5), we gathered together a cool mix of coloring tools, art pads, flash cards and small toys. I think all those were a hit and on the plane, with the help of the in-flight movies, it turned out to be enough entertainment. It just may have been too many parts and pieces, making it hard to easily and quickly access the needed item at the needed time (although it did still work out okay).

This year, in thinking about how to prepare for a similar trip (with ages 2, 4 & 6), I have been wanting to see what else is out there that may be fun travel-appropriate toys and activities, that maybe are specifically made with travel in mind (e.g. less parts? something unique to my little ones that would grab their attention for a long time). Traveling with three little ones this time is making me want to really get it right this time. Plus have something that will be perfect for each of the three interests and age-levels.

I'm scouting on Amazon and have found some interesting things:

1. ZOOB BuilderZ Traveler Kit

2. Travel Spirograph 

3. Melissa & Doug On the Go Scratch Art Hidden Picture Pad - Favorite Things 

4. Melissa & Doug On the Go Felt Friends Stickers

5. Melissa & Doug Tape Activity Book with 20 Reusable Scenes

6. Vtech Write & Learn Creative Center

In addition to these neat, likely travel & kid friendly items I would like to research, I would still plan on some color pencils or crayons, a little pad of paper for each child, and some math and language flash cards and learning activity booklets.

If anyone has advice about traveling with little ones or other tips and hints or must-haves, please do share!

Thank you! Danke! Xie Xie! Mange takk! Obrigada! iMuchas gracias! Grazie! Merci!

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