Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cockrell Butterfly Center, Houston

Photo credit: Jules, 2008, Cockrell Butterfly Center, Houston, Texas

The Cockrell Butterfly Center at Houston's Museum of Natural Science: a lovely and serene locale, complete with mariposas bonitas floating gracefully throughout the center. It was amazing to be surrounded by such graceful creatures beautifully dancing around the space.

A lovely place for solitary contemplative visits to school field trips, family outings, or even dates!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Barnaby's Cafe, Houston, Texas

Image credit: Jules @ Quirky Wanderlust

Barnaby's Cafe is a cool spot with a great atmosphere for brewery-style eats in a family-friendly setting, all with an excellent staff. We were obsessed with the place due to the super fun and sweet mascot (of which we saw a real live Barnaby style dog in River Oaks, walking calmly and confidently across the street on our first journey to this restaurant - so that was a special connection to have!) and of course - who could not mention - the delicious, California-international-fusion style of food. For more photos of Barnaby's, here is a link with cute mural pics: http://hautehouston.blogspot.tw/2009/04/barnabys-cafe-river-oaks.html?m=1

Monday, June 1, 2009

Black Springs Bakery, Beechworth, Australia

Oliveaux, a dreamy interior design site, recently posted those gorgeous pictures of a cozy escape in Australia... if you are in the mood for a provencial get-a-way head on over to Oliveaux to read more and see some of the scenes from this lovely locale. To link directly to the article, click here.