Friday, November 28, 2008

Subway Saudade (Lusting for the Metro)

I didn't grow up in a city that has the convenience of a metro. We did have a bus system that I used on occassion, but usually it was a bit of a freightening experience. I didn't experience the metro mode of transportation until I was 17 but since that time I've had an enduring affection for that mode of transporation. The metro systems in Paris, London, Washington, D.C. , and NYC have all been great experiences.

Of course, I don't really mind driving so much, but I do prefer the luxury of a city with a metro. It would give me more peace of mind, time to calm down before a day of work, it would be more eco-friendly, plus would create a savings on transportation costs/car up-keep.

How does everyone else feel about driving? Do you prefer to drive? Walk? Take the metro? Hail a cab? Do you think other cities in the US have the infrastructure or space to create a metro system?
Image credit: Jules @ Quirky Wanderlust

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

North Dakota Movie Madness: The Fargo Theatre

With the economy a little uncertain these days, a movie is a great way to escape away from reality.

For me, I associate cinematic cool with the lovely little theatre in Fargo, North Dakota. On the retro chic street of Broadway, there is a line up of neat shops, cozy cafes and the Fargo Theatre.

The architecture and signage are cool and the interior shines with its vintage elegance and pipe organ. Plus, the Fargo Theatre plays really quirky, thought-provoking, beautiful independent and international movies.

Has anyone visited the Fargo Theatre? Does it still host cool indie flicks? And those midnight retro movies showings? Or is there another fab cinema elsewhere in the States or the world that you would recommend?

Image credit: Jules @ Quirky Wanderlust