Subway Saudade (Lusting for the Metro)

I didn't grow up in a city that has the convenience of a metro. We did have a bus system that I used on occassion, but usually it was a bit of a freightening experience. I didn't experience the metro mode of transportation until I was 17 but since that time I've had an enduring affection for that mode of transporation. The metro systems in Paris, London, Washington, D.C. , and NYC have all been great experiences.

Of course, I don't really mind driving so much, but I do prefer the luxury of a city with a metro. It would give me more peace of mind, time to calm down before a day of work, it would be more eco-friendly, plus would create a savings on transportation costs/car up-keep.

How does everyone else feel about driving? Do you prefer to drive? Walk? Take the metro? Hail a cab? Do you think other cities in the US have the infrastructure or space to create a metro system?
Image credit: Jules @ Quirky Wanderlust