Made in Taiwan Shoes: Zobr, Hoofer, Dr. Kao

While in Taiwan, we discovered Made in Taiwan shoes and found them to be the perfect mix of comfy, professional nerdy, and a little bit of quirky cool for work. Some of the brands we tried on and bought were Zobr, Hoofer and Dr. Kao.

These are the three female shoes we purchased (all for work): 

Dark blue pair = hoofer brand; 
Turquoise pair = Zobr brand; 
Brown pair = hoofer brand. 

I love the vibrant turquoise color of the main portion of these and the juxtaposition of the military (?) or forest (?) green trim on the bottom of the shoes. 

The only bummer for the Made in Taiwan shoes I've come across in Taipei is that they max out at size European 40. I feel some of these are a little snug at that size for me, so if there had been an option to try a larger size, I may have found a slightly better fit for these shoes. Overall, though, I am truly satisfied with finding these super comfortable shoes. What a great find to take back home with me and remind me of my time in Taiwan. They are each a truly unique and quality souvenir. 

I will try to post the variety of more masculine options we bought, too. This includes the Dr. Kao brand, which wasn't  visually featured in this post.  

As we continue to browse various shops during our adventures in Taiwan, we keep seeing additional Made in Taiwan brands. All have appeared to be really comfortable and of good quality. Who would have thought some of our favorite finds would be shoes? 

Photos by Jules @ Quirky Wanderlust