Mr. Brown Cafe in Tamsui, Taiwan

We ventured a bit out of Taipei today! During our visit to the end of the red line metro / MRT spot of Tamsui (a city also known as Danshui), it was raining quite a bit, so after a delicious and fast lunch at Yeh's Wonton Restaurant, we walked around, perusing some adorable shops before deciding to settle down at Mr. Brown CafĂ© for some time. 

It seemed like it would be a cozy spot for a fikapaus / taking time out to enjoy coffee, rest, and company. 

Right away we learned of a buy own drink and get another free deal that is running all of July. Naturally we selected two drinks. And Viking Bear advised to also order a truffle cake as well. It was raining after all and our goal was to linger. 

We got two hot Mr. Brown cafe lattes. Loved the heart foam on top! 

And we loved the view! There was an open terrace where we had an excellent view of the water and the mountains, as the fog ebbed and flowed. 

We also explored the third floor which had an enclosed view of the surrounding buildings and the outside nature. 

This was the third floor seating area. Really quiet compared to the first and second floors of this coffee shop. 

The signs on the wall had a cute saying, apparently from Germany: "Coffee and love are best when they are hot." 

Our views included lots of rain a good also when the rain let up a bit, lots of people biking and walking around with rain gear and umbrellas. 

Viking Bear really, really wanted to linger longer and he ended up ordering more coffee!! Remember the but one get one free deal this month? This time getting a little more daring in the selections, he suggested the chocolate toffee cafe latte and the salted caramel coffee latte. 

We also got a Black Forest cake. See all the fruit inside? 

Viking Bear got on a little bit of sugar overload with the second round of coffees - those alone were too sweet for his taste but he did enjoy the cake greatly (it tasted less sweet than the coffees). 

Upon leaving a thoroughly enjoyable fikapaus, Viking Bear saw this Krups-like individual coffee dispensing machine and his heart was throbbing! How beautiful the color and what a great way for a bear to make the perfect cup of coffee each morning! He will likely stick with the classic Mr. Brown cafe latte though. It was simple perfection. 

Photos by Jules @ Quirky Wanderlust