Rose House Tea House, Taipei

The Rose House Tea House near metro / MRT Dongmen is fun to walk past during the day - the beautiful blue border, the Rose painting, and the elegant interior make for sweet dreams of British tea parties and European eats, while Taipei is grooving along adjacent to this gem. 

See the rich, vibrant blue bordering the Windows? 

And the wooden frame of the door? More allure abounds with the Tea & Art billboard to the left, however, of what it exactly saws, I'm not sure. 

Cute street side signage.

Outdoor ceiling rose art. 

Inside does not disappoint with the beautiful flowers, the tres chic decor and details (hello gold faucet in the WC, complete with duck motif), the plush red chairs, etc. Look at those lovely (and super organized and aligned) shelves! 

Our table looked inviting upon our arrival, with a beautiful fresh pink rose and wine glasses adorning our place. With two hungry and restless little ones in tow we quickly requested if it was possible to remove those breakable items. Dining with children definitely changes the ambiance, hehe. It's usually more stressful to have beautiful glass items around than is the joy to use them, just because the risk of falling items is too great. We want to adept to stay on the good side of the restaurant. 

Goodbye, Gorgeous! 

The wine glasses were replaced with these cute paper cups. Ahhh, big sigh of relief. And they are pretty in their own right, too, no? Much better water glasses for little ones. 

Here is entree number one, a pesto / clam combination. Nicely plated! 

Check out the rose decor on the plates. There is also a little lovely floral painting by Robert Husng in the WC and on the wallpaper board decoration while waiting outside the WC. 

A pumpkin and lobster bisque (yummy)! 

A vegetable pasta with truffle oil. I could really taste the truffle oil in the noodles. 

What we ordered for the children to share: spaghetti with meatballs. 

Thankfully they had a children's bowl for our toddler! He had a bit of a meltdown and I had to take him outside for a breather ... the exchange of the glass plate for this more kid friendly option occurred while we were outside. Thank you insightful and considerate wait staff! 

A really delicious mulled wine like fruity tea! Super yum! 

See how elegant the set up is? Love the classy tea cup / plate. 

Photos by Jules at Quirky Wanderlust


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