A Child's Travel Wishlist

My little one who recently turned 5 years old made a Wishlist of places to visit. This all started out from talking about passports and how you need one to travel the world. A few days later he was asking "Do I need a passcode to travel to Taiwan? Do we need passcodes to go to Norway?" etc., etc. and thus this list began. Hehe, I think it is so sweet the transposition to the term passcode and it's a pretty fun idea too. Wouldn't it be neat if there was a secret passcode to enter a new nation? I wonder what such codes would be... Maybe they would be the word for the most famous and delicious dish from that place or maybe it would be that you would have to name a famous monument or geographically marvel. Something to show you know a little bit about the land you will be visiting. 

As my little one wrote out this list he asked me how to spell a few of the countries / regions, but the handwriting is all his own. A pretty impressive job for a pre-K preschooler, no? I think it is better and clearer than some of my own penmanship! 

Photo by Jules @ Quirky Wanderlust