Alleycat's Stone Oven Baked Pizza,Taipei

We walked by this sign in the MRT Dongmen area // Yong Kang area many times but with the main part of the entrance shuttered up with metal paneling we thought we wouldn't get a chance to visit during our stay in Taipei. 

Thankfully, one night this past week we saw it was opened so we headed down the steps (it is down stairs from the Main Street level - basement like) and set up reservations for the following night. 

It was a nice surprise to find the restaurant was pretty quiet when we got there the next night. Traveling and dining with our littles is always a bit of an adventure. A restaurant with plenty of space is a good thing. 

There are some cat themed artwork adorning the walls: 

Another great thing: IKEA kid-perfect diningware plates and utensils. Yay! 

Special bonus: Coloring papers and colored pencils (Madagascar on one side and Asian love Hello Kitty on the reverse - also quite appropriate for Alleycat's). 

Now to the menu and what we ordered. 

I was gaga over a few veggie options (Vegetariana; Pesto Forest) and a few seafood options (Napoletana; Biana Smoked Salmon; Pesto Shrimp; Pescatora) but having the littles with (some picky tendencies and one with allergies), we definitely had to get one super kid focused pizza: a Quattro Formaggio modified so that one half had pepperoni.

The adults had this, the Pescatora, which has shrimp, mussels, calamari and fresh basil: 

A light, French beer with floral after tones for the Papa Bear: 

More Alleycat's artwork: 

And the real star of the restaurant, the actual kitty cat mascot: 

The owner and staff were very friendly and we enjoyed our meal. We even got a special treat in getting to go to the back storage area to see the cat after she made a getaway from the main restaurant area. The little ones loved that part a lot! 

Photos by Jules @ Quirky Wanderlust