Beitou Hot Springs, Taipei

We arrived to the Beitou Hot Springs area of Taipei via MRT to Beitou Station and then transferring to a special train that only travels to Xin Beitou (Xin meaning new). My iPhone also calls out this area as either Peitou Hot Springs Museum (even though we didn't get a chance to visit a museum there) or Beitou District depending where I took each photo in the area. 

We walked around the busier sections, including the hotel area for awhile before coming across the maps that directed us to the Beitou Thermal Valley, or the Beitou Hot Springs proper. The map
Also indicted a handful of other interesting and worthwhile places to visit but we didn't have much time so had to direct or attention to this main, must see natural attraction. 

Walking towards the hot springs I loved all the little pictograph indicators that we were approaching a super hot, hotter than soup area. 

Getting even closer and getting the reminder that this hot springs is more than just hot - it is an insanely high temperature water reserve, warmed naturally by the geothermal energy of a nearby active volcano! 

Look at that steam oozing and bellowing out of the earth! 

It was amazing to approach this as you could feel the heat amplify as you neared it. I've seen geysers in Yellowstone National Park (U.S.A.) and bathed in the Blue Lagoon (Iceland) ... Enjoyed and was in awe of my experiences with both places... And even though Beitou Thermal Valley you can't approach the hot spring water, it is impressive to think of how the earth is heating this water in this one particular spot. 

Long ago in the past, when the Japanase were in power in Taiwan started developing this area with bath houses and hotels so these magical waters could be used (with the heat level of the water being reduced some but still very hot for a steamy, spa health-focused invigorating experience). 

Upon leaving this natural area, I noticed this beautiful glassworks in a wall and enjoyed the reflection of the blue colors of the hot springs and the surrounding greenery on the pieces of glass in this urban artwork. 

Photos by Jules at Quirky Wanderlust