Din Tai Fung in Taipei, Taiwan

Viking Bear was excited to sample the world famous xiao long bao from Din Tai Fung in Taipei City. Xiao long bao are kind of like soup filled steamed dumplings. Look at Viking Bear patiently waiting! We visited the Din Tai Fung at MRT Dongmen Station exit 5 on Xinyi Road. There are several branches in Taipei and there are a number of these restaurants around the world, mostly in Asian countries but also found in Australia, Dubai and the USA. However, Taiwan is the homeplace of this eatery. 

Inside was so beautiful and clean. And it felt modern and streamlined, too. See the fancy table setting? Love those two tone / two material chopsticks. 

And the cucumbers - perfect mix of fresh and crunchy with a splash of vinegar goodness. 

Two types of xiao long bao were tried. The one in this photo has green squash and shrimp! The use of the green squash is very innovative and unique compared to my previous xiao long bao sampling. Definitely no need for dipping this version in the soy / ginger sauce ... and really ... Viking Bear and I agree it would take away from the fresh and vibrant flavor of the squash inside to do so. 

Did you know that soup is inside the xiao long bao? This part is always amazing to me and makes these one of my favorite foods. They arrive piping hot and you have to be careful eating them. I've burnt the inside of my mouth before putting the whole thing inside not wanting to lose the soup. Probably the safest way to eat these is to gently transfer the whole thing on your spoon and then take a little bite of the dough, keeping your mouth close, after you bite in, to slurp up the soup. After that, you can eat the rest of the delicious stuffed dough. 

We also got some mien / noodles. These were yummy, but my taste buds were all about the xiao long bao on this visit. We also had the traditional pork and broth filled xiao long bao. Hao-chi (delicious) for sure! 

Viking Bear loved everything!!! ❤️

Even though not necessary (our bellies were happy enough with the xiao long bao alone), we indulged in some dessert. This special dessert is called Sweet Eight Flavor Rice. Wow! This was such a sweet delight, definitely unique and delicious. The sticky sweet rice pairs nicely with the touch of fruity flavors. As with most Asian desserts, it was not overly sugary and was a refreshing and lovely ending to the meal.  

Photos by Jules @ Quirky Wanderlust