Elephant Parade Taiwan in Taipei

This exhibit is pretty amazing to me for many reasons. First, when I first visited this plaza on 3 July 2016 (the first time I've knowingly been there), it was not up. The next day we were there (my second time of knowingly being there), this bevy of beautiful elephants seemed to appear out of nowhere! This is near the Taipei 101 building, by the shopping department centers Breeze and Shin Kong Mitsukoshi.  

Viking Bear was similarly impressed. Definitely we both were gaga over the artistry of each of the elephants - all the heart and soul each artist put into creating their own unique creature. 

And all the pieces put together to make a wonderfully colorful herd or parade - this is the Elephant Parade Taiwan 2016 after all. 

What really tugged at our hearts the most was that this impressive outdoor exhibition is to aid and make support for elephant conservation. Earlier today I received an email noting that sadly every 15 minutes an elephant loses its life around the world for humans to obtain the ivory tusks... 

I am not sure how this parade will help lessen and hopefully one day prevent that from happening, but I do wish for a major improvement to be made. 

What magnificent creatures! So grand in nature and so magestic here in the urban parade. 

Viking Bear and I were wowed and hope the word gets out and conservation efforts multiply and positive impact is realized. 

Check out those matching hearts!!! ❤️

Apparently these big guys will be standing ground in Taipei til 30 September 2016 but I'm so happy to have caught their first day here! What a special surprise! 

Photos by Jules @ Quirky Wanderlust