Oma Ursel's German Bakery, Taipei

Oh the cuteness! We came across this unexpected surprise of a German bakery and restaurant strolling around the Yongkang area after exiting the metro / MRT Dongmen station. It is situated close to the CNN approved shaved ice place, Smoothie House. << Here is the scoop from we dined at Oma's place days after discovering it: Eating at Oma Ursel's German Restaurant.>>

Check out the façade of the building - don't you feel transported to a quaint village in Germany, all the whilst in the hustle and bustle of Taipei? Oma Ursel's Germany Bakery is the name of this restaurant (it offers full meals too). 

You are reminded you aren't quite in Europe with the signs predominately in Chinese. 

Here's a big sign advertising some of the breads and sweets that are available. Apparently you can get gluten free options that are made using gluten free flour direct from Germany. 

A super cute window, complete with cozy decor, cute critters, and brezels / pretzels. 

Another Asian reminder - eight (8) or ba (Mandarin word for eight) is a popular number in Taipei. This number stands for / represents success so many people like to have it on license plates, addresses, or included in their phone number. It seems the more eights, the better. 

Oma Ursel (Oma meaning grandma in German), Viking Bear and I are totally looking forward to dining at your precious, cozy German eatery in the heart of Taipei!

Photos by Jules at Quirky Wanderlust