Sacred Tree, Taichung, Taiwan

Our weekend in Taichung was a beautiful, amazing whirlwind. One of the first places we visited after getting off the high-speed transit train (Taipei to Taichung with stops in between to drop off and pick up new passengers), was this Sacred Tree. I'm not sure of the official name, and the location - I'm not sure if it is still technically considered Taichung (you have to traverse lots of mountain roads and hilly places to get there, and seemingly end up far away from city life.) 

The iPhone labels this as Shihgang District, so I'm assuming that is Shihgang District of Taichung. Anyone know for certain? 

All the text descriptions were in Chinese so I'm not fully sure on the background on this sacred tree, but by the looks of it, this magnificent creation took root long ago. 

It is seriously massive, with thick, thick branches speeding out across the ground. Can you even imagine how much this tree or even one of the huge branches weighs? 

Up close, the tree has beauty, too. The moss that is inhabiting the spaces between the bark and the curves of the tree are all lovely. 

Across from the tree is more signage, grandeur and standing in front of more wonderful views. 

This was a wonderful little journey and what a special experience to witness such a graceful living monument. 

Photos by Jules at Quirky Wanderlust