Salt & Bread Russian Doll Babuschka Ice Cream, Taipei

Meandering down Yongkang Jie frequently for our month plus stay in Taipei, we kept coming across the super cute Russian Doll Babuschka ice cream parlor, thinking how adorable and out of place the shop seemed. We were intrigued! 

Later on, when we braved inside one late evening we learned this restaurant is called actually called Salt & Bread. 

With the precious fa├žade and cute signage we really didn't know what to expect on the inside...

Inside did not disappoint. The Russian theme continued inside in a very modern / elegant way (loved the painting wall decor and a nice number of the Russian nestled my dolls adorning strategic areas of the shop. It felt cozy and cool at the same time and my littles ones had tons of fun looking at everything with wonder. 

Some Russian ice cream in the freezer.  

Cakes and other desserts tempting the eyes and belly. 

The ice cream we went with was: 1. A mix of green tea and vanilla; 2. All green tea and 3. An ice cream cake (top & inside are both ice cream!). That one had nuts and coffee so was definitely for the adults. 

As for the green tea - I think our children wanted it only because it was green. It turned out being too powerful a flavor for them to eat too much, so Viking Bear offered to finish theirs. 

Doesn't that all look so yummy? 

Thanks Salt & Bread for the lovely family dessert night! 

Photos by Jules at Quirky Wanderlust