Sunmerry Bakery, Taipei

I've come to enjoy Sunmerry very much. It's a bakery, similar to others around town, like I Jy Sheng. It has been convenient for us to stop by here in the Da'an Diatrict so it's been a nearly daily mainstay during our month in Taipei. 

I love the logo / it seems so Scandinavian ... Danish to me. 

You start seeing all these deliciousness around you and are wondering - where do I start and how do I select between all these pastries and freshly prepared rolls? 

Well, first things first. Grab a tray and pair of your own personal tongs to use as you select items. Having a child with food allergies being able to use these individual tongs is something great so I don't have to worry about accidental contamination as much. 

In the middle section are some cute yogurt / fruit / jelly jars. The jars are glass and come with a plastic cover. Perfect for reusing to pack lunch for work or to bring to a cozy picnic on the weekends. 

Here is a ham & egg open face sandwich: 

These rolls have tuna fish inside: 

A very Asian option of taro (yum!!): 

The yogurt / fruit jars up close: 

Some beautifully designed cakes in the glass case: 

A raisin bread roll? 

Pork filled bread rolls: 

Scallion rolls (love the contrast of the vibrant green against the dough!): 

Lovely croissant sandwiches: 

Egg salad sandwiches: 

Apple filled pastries: 

These were fresh out of the oven, right at the cash register! 

More treats by the check out stand: 

And advertisement to order your cake before Father's Day or Ba Ba Day (8 August is for Father's Day here since 8/8 is 8 August, BaBa is Dad, and Ba = 8). 

Photos by Jules at Quirky Wanderlust 

After selecting your yummy items (tough to decide right?), you can touch the dragon for luck. Rubbing different areas imparts luck for different arenas of life including work, wealth, health and love. 

Photos by Jules at Quirky Wanderlust