Taipei 101 Building, Taiwan

Here is a compilation of photos showcasing the Taipei 101 building which used to be the tallest building in the world. It still is a top ten contender in height and does currently have the fastest elevator. It's really fun seeing this building from different vantage points around town. 

Taipei 101 as seen from Taipei City Hall Square area. July 2016. 

Another view of the 101 building from around City Hall Square Hall. July 2016.

Taipei 101 as seen on a rainy afternoon from eslite tea room at eslite mall. July 2016. 

Taipei 101 building from Shin M Mall (???)rooftop children play area, which was all covered up on a rainy day. 

Taipei 101 as seen right before entering / after exiting building and near the MRT station. July 2016. 

Top, top portion of the 101 building from the outdoor observatory. We were lucky that when we when up into the tower, this outdoor area was open (many times it is closed due to weather, etc). Riding the elevator down from floor 88 back to the food court on the B1 floor took 48 seconds. So fast! July 2016. 

Photos by Jules at Quirky Wanderlust