Yeh's Wonton Restaurant, Tamsui, Taiwan

Checking out a super cute shop in Tamsui, we ended up chatting with the shopkeeper about what food we should try in Tamsui and she recommended Yeh's Wonton Restaurant. 

We ordered the food downstairs in the small entryway, and then walked up a steep set of stairs to find a table on the second floor. 

This was the view from our table on the second floor. 

The food came to us quickly! Here is a baked oven chicken with sliced cucumbers. 

This was supposedly a vegetarian stuffed bread. I thought the outside with sesame was delicious (crispy and chewy) and I also enjoyed the inside but would never have thought it to be vegetarian... It seemed like pulled pork inside. 

Maybe it was a tofu creation inside that was pork-like. Or maybe I misunderstood and it was actually not vegetarian. Either way, I would eat it again. : ) 

Viking Bear also enjoyed the meal. He especially loved the wonton soup. There was an option with or without noodles and we selected the pain wonton soup. 

I totally loved the soup! The broth was Delish, and the wontons were yummy too. The outside wonton skin was delicate and the pork inside melted in your mouth. 

Photos by Jules @ Quicky Wanderlust