Yellow Watermelon in Taipei, Taiwan

Ilha Formosa, aka:Taiwan, is considered the Fruit Kingdom for good reason. With so many beautiful and exotic varieties of fruit grown locally, the markets are stocked with a wonderful array of natural, sweet deliciousness. 

Upon arrival to our rental flat in Taipei, we were welcomed with a fruit filled fridge! Cut pineapple, wax apples (I've also heard these referred to as water apples), mangoes, and watermelon. Then, on our second full day, the owners came by with dragon fruit and more mangoes! Such a special and sweet surprise! 

Another wow moment was this morning when my little ones and I cut into our watermelon. Expecting the rich pinkish-red hue we know from home, we were pleasantly shocked to find a vibrant yellow color. Who knew?!!?!!

It seemed like a standard stateside mini watermelon from the outside...

Yet inside was a unique to us surprise. 

Are we the only ones how were in the dark about different watermelon colors? 

And do you have any quirky fruit finds you would please share? 

Photos by Jules @ Quirky Wanderlust