Yongkang Beef Noodles in Taipei

We made our way to Yong-Kang Beef Noodle by way of metro / MRT stop Dongmen. At the time of our arrival, the line was long. We waited in the queue for a short bit of time before deciding to take a sightseeing detour.

Spending about one hour browsing the area we returned to no line at all and were able to go upstairs to the second floor right away. Soon after we were presented with two delicious looking hongshao niurou mien or red spicy broth beef noodles. 

Here is the bowl up close. Look at the beautiful, glossy shine to the broth. As a person who is not a big meat eater at all, I thought this bowl was pure yumminess. The meat was tender and certainly "melt in your mouth". The spicy broth was nice on its own. We had some of it "as is" when it arrived. 

However, we were so tempted by the extra red spice / red pepper sauce that was available to us. We added this to our bowl and our taste buds were thrilled to the next level of hot. See Viking Bear's brave and triumphant smile? He definitely can tolerate the heat! 

Photos by Jules @ Quirky Wanderlust