Zhanlu Coffee,Taipei

Previously, I wrote about our experience at Mr. Brown's Coffee in Tamsui, Taiwan. We've also had a couple cozy coffee shop experiences in Taipei. 

One cool spot is Zhanlu Coffee (albeit expensive as we are not members). 

Walking around the area near Da'an Park (after coming off the metro / MRT Da'an Park station), you may come across Zhanlu Coffee, walking down some of the narrow streets. Streets which are filled with parked cars, motorcycles and bicycles. And these vehicles zoom past quickly, so as a pedestrian, a walk through these streets is a bit like a dance... Swaying to and fro, from walking down the street with awe of the surroundings, to shifting inwards near the parked vehicles to stay safe as the cars and motorbikes zip past. 

Here's the view as you approach Zhanlu Coffee... Cool frontage, no? 

And a more head on view of this coffee shop. Lovin' the wooden panels and the huge seating area outside. 

When we first arrived there were several people smoking in the outside area, unfortunately, so we decided to head indoors for fresher air. 

Actually, though, despite the terrace being so cute, being inside was a special treat, from the cute sweets, to the decor and the café vessels and tools of the trade, it was a visual delight. 

Viking Bear and I are gaga over the vibrant turquoise vessel in the coffee prep area. Do you see it? You can buy it there (same color or a couple other options)... And we were tempted! 

Here is coffee numero uno, a specialty drip style, where they prepped it in front of us... See below for the process in action: 

Sugar and milk for added to the finalized drip created brew. 

Hot water slowly added to the coffee in the filter paper above. Apparently, the fresher the coffee grounds, the more the coffee expands as the hot water is added. 

After the coffee drips through into the glass carafe, it is transferred to your coffee cup. 

I don't know what in the world I was thinking but I got way a head of myself and added the milk before ever testing the black coffee!!! At least I remembered to try it before adding the sugar. 

Here's the second cuppa. 

Zhanlu's coffee cup insignia. 

Some delish looking desserts we admired from behind the glass but did not sample as we would soon be taking our little ones to a pizza dinner at Alleycat's, near the metro / MRT Dongmen station. 

Rows of coffee beans! Ready for grounding... 

Some cozy spots for conversation, self reflection, or a media fix (there are many charging stations for technologies). 

Photos by Jules @ Quirky Wanderlust