Herbes de Provence Popcorn

Herbes de Provence popcorn... My littles pick scallions out of their soup and even though green is a favorite color of theirs, they protest green veggies in foodstuff. I love veggies, fresh and sautéed, roasted and puréed... etc. so it pains me when they make faces and voice complaints upon seeing things not up to their green-free standards.

Interestingly (and ironically!), they have been obsessed with this herbed-goodness for the past two years. Our popcorn is not complete without herbes de Provence. Go figure! 

If only they knew the ingredients included such green hued and plant based things such as fennel, thyme, rosemary, basil, parsley... And lavender... Can we keep it our little secret, please? 

Okay, so the recipe is simple. We use our Presto plug-in/electric popcorn maker (see below), add canola oil and the herbes de Provence (we currently have the purple Victoria brand below) and mix it all up with a big spoon. Then bon appetite... I get to enjoy my French flavor love (while my mind is transported to beautiful purple-hued fields in Provence) and the littles happily eat a delicious, healthy snack they helped make. A lovely win win, right?

With love from:

Jules @ Quirky Wanderlust 

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