Lines and Love at Din Tai Fung, Dongmen, Taipei

Wow! Din Tai Fung at Dongmen is one popular place. 

Is this crowd not a signal of something great inside? 

My love for Din Tai Fung is already well know. Those bamboo steamers hold many amazing xiao long bao inside. Viking Bear and I try to patiently await! 

Now it is time to enjoy! Yummmmmmmmmmmmm.... 

More visual delights await as we leave the store. So much so see, so want to long for. I'd like one of each, please. 

Are these table card holders (for the restaurant) or little memo holders for office or home super precious? I am gaga over the cuteness. 

Ooooooooh! BaoBao family mugs, too? Have they thought of everything? 

With lots of love from: 

Jules @ Quirky Wanderlust